The first comedian signed to 604 Records and a finalist in 2016 SiriusXM’s Top Comic, Kevin Banner has quickly established himself as a rising talent in Canadian comedy, performing with such notable comedians as Colin Quinn, Bill Burr and Norm MacDonald.

A regular at The Comedy Mix, who has also appeared at The Northwest Comedy Fest, Just For Laughs Northwest, Pemberton Music Festival and Bumbershoot, Banner’s self-professed “dark” sense of humour tackles some tough topics while his personable storytelling and self-effacing charm leave you laughing at everything from the mundane to the grotesque.



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Streamed worldwide looking slicker than a greased goose.
The @604recordsinc staff created an awesome atmosphere for ...
We go LIVE @ 7 pm.
Set your PVR to catch my beautiful wife’s tv comedy debut!! So proud of this lady. ...
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Sick burn. You’re the Jerry Rice of saying 15 words after your punchline bombs.
The Canadian and American Dream. Together again for the first time.
*high pitched squeal*
I don’t know how to hold hands.
If there was a Mount Rushmore for Canadian comics he’d be on it. RIP Mike MacDonald.
My wife and I got married but never had a wedding. We decided to skip having ...
Best pole in town 😘
I’m on the wall! My buddy @drkevvy sent me this picture of his framed copy of ...
I’m filming a new series called “Get a Load Of These Melvins” on FaceTime.
These women have lived in my stomach since I ate some lousy chicken Sunday night.
Graphic used at the Vancouver comedy awards. I was nominated for best dirty joke. Thanks @abdulazizcomedy ...
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Fun times at @theladyshow this evening
Before tonight, if a man said to me “your wife ...
When #tbt and #internationalwomensday collide. Just a few of the wonderful women who have made an ...
Thanks to Paul Anthony for the pack of @talenttimetv candies. I can really taste the talent.