The first comedian signed to 604 Records and a finalist in 2016 SiriusXM’s Top Comic, Kevin Banner has quickly established himself as a rising talent in Canadian comedy, performing with such notable comedians as Colin Quinn, Bill Burr and Norm MacDonald.

A regular at The Comedy Mix, who has also appeared at The Northwest Comedy Fest, Just For Laughs Northwest, Pemberton Music Festival and Bumbershoot, Banner’s self-professed “dark” sense of humour tackles some tough topics while his personable storytelling and self-effacing charm leave you laughing at everything from the mundane to the grotesque.



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#tbt that time I met and worked with my hero from my teenage years, Mick Foley. ...
Guaranteed great show.
I'll also be back co-headlining with Kyle Bottom on December 29th, 30th and ...
How about that card flip?
Impressive, but has he ever got an applause break for a fart joke? πŸ’¨
Well, we didn’t get any deer, but there’s always next month. Saw some beautiful country and ...
πŸƒ β€”> πŸ‚
The weed in this Drive Sober commercial looks like the worst trail mix ever. I think ...
They see me rollin’, they hatin’ 🎢
#tbt A couple of years back I got to do a show with Jake The Snake. ...
Comedy boy yukking it up at Full Pint 🍻
A little Sunday morning wrestling before Sunday morning football.
Let's get it.
Squire Barnes reading a list of all the people I want to hang out with this ...
Jean Jean, the fur-ball machine.
I'll be honest, I don't remember making this. Also, F Young Sheldon.
@gavinmatts debut album comes out tomorrow. I voiced a character of a ghost trying to convince ...
And my boss thinks I'm not helpful in meetings. 😴 πŸ’€
#tbt back when I was just a boy who wanted some Tang.