Multiple Juno Award Winning artist and Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter, Josh Ramsay, is the lead singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist of double-platinum-selling pop band Marianas Trench. He burst onto the music scene in 2006 with the release of the first Marianas Trench album, Fix Me, and in 2017 he was nominated for another Juno for Pop album of the Year with the gold selling album Astoria. This year, Billboard announced that the chorus of “Call Me Maybe”, which Josh co-wrote, “Is, without question, the greatest chorus of the 21st century so far.”

Extensive touring, creative online marketing, and a knack for making great music videos (not to mention the amazing music) helped to build a loyal fan base and international success. Ramsay’s work includes co-writing and producing radio smashes for artists like Carly Rae Jepsen (Call Me Maybe), Danny Fernandes (Hit Me Up), Faber Drive (Give Him Up), as well as all the Marianas Trench records to follow (Masterpiece Theatre, Ever After, Astoria). Ramsay has had success refining his producer skills in the pop world with artists such as Emily Osment (Hush), Girlicious, Jessica Lee, Suzie McNeil, and in the country world with artist Jessie Farrell.

As a songwriter, Ramsay has thoroughly established his versatility, writing and co-writing for artists such as Nickelback (She Keeps Me Up, Satellite), Five Seconds Of Summer (Story of Another Us) and Simple Plan. Among his biggest selling production work for Marianas Trench, we have the hit pop singles “Fallout,” “Haven’t Had Enough,” “Who Do You Love,” and the recently released top 10 single, “Rhythm Of Your Heart.” Josh’s newest project consists of writing and producing the song “We Should Be Friends” for the motion picture “Adventures in Public School” released in theatres April 27th, 2018.​

Josh Ramsay is a multi-instrumentalist who runs his own recording studio, The Umbrella Factory, in Vancouver, BC. With Marianas Trench, he has toured extensively in North America, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia.



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